Our recruitment and induction process aims to ensure that employee well-being, health and safety is maximised and to assist Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd employees to adjust as quickly as possible to their working environment.  This not only enhances employee morale but also achieves maximum working efficiency and safety.

Shear Power Contracting is a farm contracting company based in Goondiwindi, Queensland.  Our business centres around addressing the workforce needs of our clients.  Our client base consists mostly of property owners or managers who require workers to fulfil positions in order to meet the optimum workforce needs of their business.  This means that whilst being employed by Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd, your day-to-day work will be carried out on a property owned by one of our clients, who have requested an employee with a required skill set to meet the workforce demands of their business.

Employees will not be able to commence work until the Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd, General and Health and Safety Induction and questionnaire, has been satisfactorily completed all induction requirements adequately fulfilled.  As an employee of Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd, it is a requirement that you are thoroughly familiar with, and prepared to enact all aspects of this initial induction.  It is probable that you will need to take at least one other induction specifically related to the farm or property, with whom you will be working.  It is a condition of your employment that you completely understand our client’s induction in addition to ours.