Stock Work

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd supplies workers to assist sheep and cattle growers with their daily runnings of a stock or grazing property.

A significant part of the stock work field includes the roles of a Jillaroo (female) and a Jackaroo (male).  These people are hired by the owner of the sheep/cattle stations to carry out tasks that assist with the running of the station, some of these tasks include: mustering, branding, drafting, caring for livestock (e.g. cattle, sheep), the use and maintenance of farm equipment, general crop work and much more.

This particular farm labour requires someone who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Rural employment of this type is always in need of young fresh faces and eager faces to join the farming sector and keep it thriving!

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd supplies workers for feedlots to assist with machinery operation, feed management  or distribution and a variety of other feedlot associated tasks.

Feedlot jobs involve working with and around agricultural based stock (animals) majorly in a rural area. These animals may include the likes of cattle and sheep. A feedlot job will require you to be able to be comfortable around animals but not necessarily have experience in working with them. A lot of on-site and hands-on training goes towards working in this sort of agricultural environment.

Working in a feedlot may seem like a daunting task but it can be very rewarding and can open many opportunities to work on farm in Australia. Jobs like these can assist you in acquiring a temporary job while travelling around Australia, and of course all work does count for 2nd working holiday visa applications.

Feedlots are in place because natural pasture and grazing doesn’t get them (stock) to the required weight for market resale. So, even though this is casual farm hand work, it will always be a booming area for backpacker jobs in Australia.