Grain Harvesting

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd can assist in supplying workers IMG_0235to drive machinery and chaser bins, operate headers and a variety of other tasks necessary to complete an efficient grain or wheat harvest in Australia.

Grain Harvesting is a thriving industry and as such, offers available working positions in this agricultural sector.  There are several machines involved in the harvesting process.  These are: a header/harvester (machine that picks/yields the crop, a chaser bin towed by a tractor to transfer the grain that has been harvested by the header to the trucks that will then transport this crop.

As you can see operations during the grain harvest in Australia can be a busy time but with the correct training and practice it can be a very efficient and rewarding task. This sort of farm work is perfect for those who are keen to learn or further their skills as a machinery operator or those who already have experience in the field.