1. Do you provide accommodation?

Yes and no. Accommodation is a tricky topic as this varies depending on the client. Please see the Employees page, then Accommodation menu for more details.

2. Where is Goondiwindi?

Goondiwindi is a close-knit community located 4.5 hours drive west of Brisbane. To view a map please go to our Contact Us page.

3. Does working for Shear Power Contracting  Pty Ltd count towards a second year Visa?

Working for Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd is rural farm work and is carried out in a regional part of Australia. This means it does count towards 2nd year visa applications. So if you’re in need of your 88 days come and see Shear Power Contracting!

4. Where will I be based?

Where you will be based will again vary, depending on the client whom you will be working for. Some employees are based in towns close to the farm. The main towns include: Goondiwindi, Boomi and Talwood but we do also service some smaller towns in the area. Accommodation facilities will also factor into where you would be based.

5. How will I get to work?

The main source of transportation to work is via motor vehicle, whether it be via car, ute, bus, campervan etc. If you do not have a car (in some some cases) it is possible for you to commute to work with others, but we prefer workers to have their own cars as it makes everything a lot easier.

6. Where will I buy my daily needs?

This will also depend on where you are working and based, but all daily needs can be bought in Goondiwindi.