Cotton Ginning

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd supplies employees to assistGin in a broad range of tasks involving various cotton ginning enterprises.

The cotton gin is where the cotton goes once it had been picked. It goes through a number of processes to get cotton to its end product and the main objective is for the lint and seed to be separated. Firstly, it goes through dryers to decrease the moisture andthen it’s put through cleaning equipment to remove unwanted matter. This increases fibre quality so the lint can now be removed.

As a cotton gin has to go through so many procedures, a number of employees are required to participate in this process making job opportunities arise.  This particular work is great for backpacker jobs in Australia as it is seasonal work and all training is done on-site.  It is also rewarding to see the end result and the fruits of your labour, if you have been involved in the cotton harvesting process.