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Who is Shear Power Contracting?

Shear Power Contracting Pty is a Labour Hire Company based in Goondiwindi that supplies rural employment for the local, (and not so local), rural sector.

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd is a privately owned company under the direction of Martyn Morrissy.

Martyn, a shearer himself, became a shearing contractor in 1999 upon the retirement of his former employer. Over the ensuing years he has expanded to include general labour hire and ultimately evolved into what is today known as Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd.
Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd not only assists businesses with finding suitable employees but also assists employees with finding suitable employment.

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd is a Goondiwindi based company which has been servicing the farming and grazing industries within the Queensland/New South Wales border region for the last 12 years.
Plans are currently underway to expand beyond the Goondwindi district, and include areas further afield.
The company has provided employment within the Goondiwindi district for a diverse population and employs both local and international workers.

The majority of work undertaken by Shear Power employees can count towards days needed for a second year Australian visa applications.
This makes the company a popular place to seek work for international backpackers and travellers.
Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd prides itself on providing quality staff for a broad range of farming and general agricultural labour purposes.