General Fram Hands

Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd supplies workers withinIrrigation%20boys the cotton industry to assist with tractor driving, irrigation, cotton chipping, module building, boll buggy driving and cotton picking.

Below I have provided a couple of videos that will assist you in learning about some of these particular procedures in the cotton industry:

These farm labouring processes involved with the growth and production of cotton all come under rural/agricultural work and can be counted towards the 88 days needed for anybody applying for a 2nd working holiday visa.  Shear Power not only supplies work for cotton jobs but all other ranges of farm labouring and seasonal work, in Australian farming.

Beginning work in these positions can bring upon a wide range of farm employment opportunities. It can give you skills as a manual labourer or a machine operator that will further allow you to reach your full potential in the agricultural working sector in Australia.  The positions that become available can range from seasonal work opportunities to full-time employment.  Shear Power Contracting Pty Ltd is definitely a great starting point to assist you in achieving your professional farming goals.